Benefits payable under the Agreement with Spain

Benefits payable

Article 2 of the Agreement with Spain lists the Australian and Spanish benefits covered by the Agreement.

Australian benefits covered

The Australian benefits covered are:

Note: Although listed as Australian benefits covered in Article 2 of the Agreement, from 20 March 2020, WP, WidB and BVA ceased. Recipients of these payments were transferred to another payment, such as Age, where eligible.

Spanish benefits covered

The Spanish benefits covered are for:

  • cash benefits for temporary incapacity for work in cases of ordinary illness or non-work related accidents
  • cash benefits for maternity and risk during pregnancy
  • benefits for permanent incapacity for ordinary illness and non-work related accident, retirement, death and survivorship
  • family benefits for a dependent child
  • unemployment benefits, and
  • work accidents and occupational diseases.

Note: Benefit, for Spain, means a pension, benefit or allowance payable under Spanish legislation as specified in Article 2 of the Agreement. More information on the Spanish benefits payable is available from the Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs.

Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act Schedule 5 Spain

Last reviewed: 20 March 2020