General Principles of the Agreement with the Netherlands

General principles

The Agreement with the Netherlands is a shared responsibility agreement and helps people to qualify for benefits they might not otherwise be eligible for. It conforms to the principles of Australia's shared responsibility agreements by:

  • allowing people to lodge claims for benefits in Australia and the Netherlands,
  • allowing people to totalise to meet minimum residence qualifications for Australia and to qualify for benefits from the Netherlands,
  • allowing Agreement benefits to be paid in Australia and in the Netherlands,
  • offering income test concessions,
  • prescribing the calculation of Australian benefits inside and outside Australia, and
  • arranging administrative cooperation between Australia and the Netherlands.

The Agreement with the Netherlands also assists recipients of Netherlands' pensions in Australia:

  • as it allows non-Dutch citizens who have not resided in the Netherlands' for at least 6 years after reaching age 59 to get a higher rate of Netherlands' pension, and
  • to retain entitlement to Netherlands' pensions that would otherwise be lost under the Export Restrictions on Benefits Act (BEU).

Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act Schedule 7 The Netherlands

Last reviewed: 20 September 2017