Disbursement of residual income managed funds to a third party organisation

Disbursement of residual funds to a third party organisation (TPO)

Payments may also be made from a person's residual income management account balance to a TPO, provided that the person agrees. The item to be purchased does not have to relate to a priority need ( However, it must not be an excluded item ( such as pornography, alcohol, home brew kits and concentrates or tobacco.

Example: Steve is no longer subject to income management. He has $575 remaining in his income management account. As this amount is more than $200, the remaining funds can be paid by instalments.

However, Steve has been intending to buy a fridge for $800. Rather than having his remaining income managed funds disbursed by instalment, Steve may opt to have the funds paid directly to the merchant. He can then pay the remaining $225 for the fridge price from his non-income managed money.

Last reviewed: 11 November 2019