Action delegate can take to enable a third person to access a person's income managed funds

Payments to a third person

In the case of each of the actions that the delegate may take to enable a person to access their income managed funds, the action may be taken to enable a third party (e.g. the person's partner or grandmother) to obtain those funds.

Methods that a third person can be enabled to use income managed funds include:

  • a voucher given to a third party
  • an amount credited to a third party's store account, or
  • an unrestricted payment made to a third party.

Note: Income managed funds cannot be paid directly on to a third person's BasicsCard.

The delegate must ensure that a person provides consent before payments are made to their partner or another third party. This includes cases in which rent is to be paid and the tenancy agreement is the name of the partner.

In the case of a payment nominee (, the nominee would usually receive access to the person's managed income, consistent with the nominee arrangement. The nominee's consent would be required for a person, other than the nominee (a third person), to obtain or have access to the person's managed income.

Last reviewed: 11 November 2019