Duration of income management notices under the Cape York initiative

Duration of income management notices

Income management notices will contain a start and end date.

The individual becomes subject to the income management regime when the delegate acts on the Family Responsibilities Commission (FRC) income management notice. This will be approximately 2 weeks after the notice is issued because of the need to contact the individual and to make arrangements concerning income management.

The FRC income management notice identifies a specific day on which the income management notice expires. Income management is ended immediately on the end of the previous instalment payment day before the expiry of the income management notice.

Example: The FRC issues an income management notice on 15 January 2008.

The delegate acts on the income management notice by commencing income management on 29 January 2009.

The FRC has given an end date for the notice of 31 October 2009.

The delegate ends income management on 22 October 2009, as this is the end of the previous instalment pay day before the ending of the notice.

Last reviewed: 11 November 2019