11.2.7 Application of income management under the Cape York initiative


The implementation of income management will generally follow the path outlined below:

  1. The Family Responsibilities Commission (FRC) issues a written notice to the delegate, in accordance with the Family Responsibilities Commission Act 2008, requiring that the individual be subject to the income management regime under SS(Admin)Act section 123UF(1) or section 123UF(2).
  2. The delegate determines whether or not SS(Admin)Act sections 123UF(1) or 123UF(2) applies to the individual.
  3. If sections 123UF(1) or 123UF(2) applies, the delegate will set an initial interview with the individual, generally within 2 weeks of receiving the notice from the FRC, unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  4. At the initial interview the delegate will explain income management to the individual and how it works. In discussion with the individual, the delegate will develop a plan for allocations expenditure based on the priority needs listed in the legislation, any recommendations of the FRC, and the individual situation of the household. The delegate will refer individuals to Family Income Management and involve individuals in making decisions about how their payments should be allocated.
  5. The delegate will inform FRC of the commencement of income management using the approved form.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 123UF(1) to section 123UF(2) For the purposes of this Part …, section 123TH Priority needs

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