Reasons for exit from the Child Protection Measure

Reasons for exit

There are 6 main circumstances in which a person may cease to be subject to income management under the Child Protection Measure. These may occur when:

  • the period of income management specified in the original notice ends
  • the relevant child protection worker revokes the notice to apply income management
  • the person's category H ( welfare payment (and/or partner's payment, if applicable) has been cancelled
  • the person becomes subject to the Cape York Welfare Reform Measure
  • an excluded payment nominee is appointed in relation to the person, or the person's existing payment nominee becomes an excluded payment nominee, or
  • the person has died.
    • Note: Any income management balance remaining would be paid to the person's estate as a lump sum, regardless of the amount remaining (

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 123TC-'category H welfare payment', section 123TC-'excluded Part 3B payment nominee'

Last reviewed: 11 November 2019