Written Notice to Apply Income Management under the SPAR Measure

Written notice to apply income management

Officers and employees of recognised state or territory authorities, acting under a law in force in that state or territory or in the exercise of the executive power of the state or territory, can send a notice to Centrelink requiring people be subject to income management under the SPAR Measure.

The officer or employee must give the notice in writing to require that the person be subject to income management under SS(Admin)Act section 123UFAA. A notice sent via the Unified Government Gateway system is considered a written notice.

The written notice will require the person to be income managed for a specified period. This means that the notice stays in effect from the stated start date until the stated end date unless specifically revoked or withdrawn.

Example: Isobel is income managed under the SPAR Measure and receives PPS. She cancels her payments on 5 January, but reapplies for PPS on 5 February, and recommences payments before the stated end date of the original income management notice given by the state/territory referral authority. Therefore Isobel is still subject to income management under the SPAR Measure.

The delegate will initiate income management once a valid notice has been received from the relevant recognised state/territory authority if the conditions in SS(Admin)Act section 123UFAA are satisfied in relation to the person. Income management will continue to apply to a person until:

  • the delegate receives a notice from the recognised state/territory officer or employee that revokes the original notice, or
  • the notice ends, or
  • the conditions in SS(Admin)Act section 123UFAA otherwise cease to be satisfied.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 123UFAA Persons subject to the income management regime-other State/Territory referrals

Last reviewed: 1 July 2015