Cancellation of Income Support Payment under SEAM

Note: SEAM ceased effective 31 December 2017. The Australian and Northern Territory Governments remain committed to supporting families and communities to get their children to school every day and to improve school attendance in remote communities. Despite the cessation of SEAM, Northern Territory Government Truancy Officers will continue to monitor attendance in select communities and DHS social workers will continue to visit remote communities as part of their general work.


A decision to cancel a schooling requirement payment takes effect from the date of the decision made by DHS.

Reclaiming after cancellation

A person who has their schooling requirement payment suspended due to their failure to comply with an enrolment notice or a compliance notice in relation to attendance, may subsequently have their payment cancelled. IF the person reapplies for a schooling requirement payment after having it cancelled, but they are still within the scope of SEAM, their payment will be granted, but they will still be subject to SEAM requirements.

Last reviewed: 5 February 2018