When do Bereavement Payments Apply


Bereavement payments are made as a temporary continuation of a deceased person's payment. They are paid to make it easier for survivors to adjust to changed financial circumstances after the death of an individual in receipt of an eligible pension, benefit or allowance.

Bereavement payments may be paid in respect of:

  • an adult (paid an income support payment in their own right), or
  • a child (where the parent was paid an allowance in respect of the child (FTB child)).

Bereavement payments for adults

Bereavement payments for adults are outlined in subsequent topics.

Policy reference: SS Guide General Information about Bereavement Payments

Bereavement payments for children

Information about FTB and related issues such as bereavement payments can be found in the FA Guide.

Act reference: FAAct section 31 Continued eligibility for FTB if an FTB or regular care child dies

Policy reference: FA Guide FTB child, Death of an FTB or regular care child

Last reviewed: 1 July 2015