SWPP - transfer between payments

Transfers between payments

The following table explains the provisions that apply when a person transfers between payments that are affected by the seasonal/intermittent work provisions.

If a claimant transfers from a payment … to a payment … then the claimant …
affected by an SWPP also affected by an SWPP MUST serve the remainder of the SWPP.
affected by an SWPP NOT affected by an SWPP does NOT serve the remainder of the SWPP.
NOT affected by an SWPP affected by an SWPP MUST serve an SWPP if applicable.

Example 1: A claimant on JSP has 5 weeks of an SWPP remaining. They transfer to Age, which is a payment not affected by an SWPP. The claimant can be paid immediately as the remainder of the SWPP does not apply. This claimant may receive arrears of age pension if it is granted retrospectively.

Example 2: A claimant who transfers from SpB (non visa holder) to YA is transferring from a non-affected payment to an SWPP affected payment. An assessment would need to be made to see if the recipient needs to serve an SWPP.

Example 3: A person on PPP is serving an SWPP and then transfers to JSP. They still have 2 weeks remaining of their SWPP and will also be precluded from JSP until their SWPP has ended.

Last reviewed: 20 March 2020