Notification Period for CIS Pension Recipients - 28 Days


Recipients of a social security payment living overseas, who are administered by CIS, will have up to 28 days to report all changes. This maintains the existing reporting period for these recipients, which recognises that it may not always be possible for overseas recipients to comply with a 14-day notification period (1.1.N.125).

For recipients granted an extended notification period, the extended period will apply from the date of the event that led to them being granted the extension.

Example: The date they went overseas.

Partner remains in Australia

Where a recipient goes overseas permanently or intends to remain overseas for at least 12 months, but their partner remains in Australia, the notification period for each of the couple remains is different. However, as most events will apply to and should be notified by each of the couple it would be sensible for Centrelink to be notified within 14 days to prevent any possibility of overpayment.

Policy reference: SS Guide General Notification Period - 14 Days

Last reviewed: 7 November 2016