3.11.16 Six Month Activity Requirement

Six Month Activity Requirement

The Six Month Activity Requirement forms part of a job seeker's overall mutual obligation requirements. From 1 October 2021, job seekers who have completed 6 months in Online Employment Services (OES) or jobactive will need to undertake study, work, or an approved activity. These activities are in addition to any other requirements that form part of a person's mutual obligation requirements such as job search and attending provider appointments.

Activities that may count towards a job seeker's Six Month Activity Requirement include:

  • accredited language, literacy and numeracy courses
  • Career Transition Assistance (CTA)
  • Defence Force Reserves (
  • Exploring Being My Own Boss Workshops
  • Launch into Work
  • Local Jobs Program
  • National Work Experience Programme (NWEP) (
  • New Business Assistance with NEIS
  • non-vocational programs & services (
  • other government programs (
  • paid work (20 hours per week for full time activity tested job seekers) (
  • PaTH Business Placement Partnership
  • PaTH Employability Skills Training
  • PaTH Internships (for job seekers aged 17-24 years)
  • study & training (
  • voluntary work (
  • work experience (other)
  • Work for the Dole (

Job seekers will fully meet the Six Month Activity Requirement through undertaking an approved activity - rather than a total hours based requirement such as the annual activity requirement (3.11.4). The Six Month Activity Requirement is a one off requirement after a job seeker has completed 6 months in jobactive or OES. It is NOT a cyclical requirement like the annual activity requirement.

WFD is the default activity for eligible job seekers who do not select another activity to meet their requirement.

Job seekers may be subject to the targeted compliance framework if they do not meet their mutual obligation requirements - including not attending agreed activities. For more information, see 3.11.13.

Who does not have to undertake the Six Month Activity Requirement?

The Six Month Activity Requirement DOES APPLY to job seekers in:

  • jobactive
  • OES.

The Six Month Activity Requirement DOES NOT APPLY to participants in:

  • New Employment Services Trial
  • Transition to Work
  • CDP
  • DES
  • ParentsNext

These programs all have separate unique activation requirements. Further, it will not apply to job seekers who are fully meeting requirements (3.11.6), or who are exempt from mutual obligations generally for example due to temporary incapacity.

Last reviewed: 8 November 2021