Pre & post natal exemptions

Pre & post natal exemptions

Pregnant women are exempt from mutual obligation requirements (1.1.M.160) from 6 weeks before the date they are expected to give birth until 6 weeks following the birth of the child. These exemptions apply even if the baby is stillborn or placed for adoption.

In addition, from 3 months before the date they are expected to give birth, pregnant women are not required to undertake job search, although they must continue to satisfy requirements by undertaking another suitable activity.

If at any other time during pregnancy a woman is unable to meet her requirements because of pregnancy-related medical problems, she should apply for an incapacity exemption.

Act reference: SSAct section 502G Pre-natal and post-natal relief (PP), section 542D Pre-natal and post-natal exemptions (YA), section 603AAA Pre-natal and post-natal relief from activity test (JSP)

ParentsNext exemption

Compulsory participants in ParentsNext (3.11.11) are eligible for an automatic 'temporary reprieve' exemption from 6 weeks before the expected date of confinement until 6 months following of the birth of their child, or until the new child that entered their care is 6 months old. A participant's ParentsNext provider or Services Australia can grant a temporary reprieve due to pregnancy/birth of a child. Services Australia will automatically exit Targeted Stream participants once they confirm the birth of the new child. Intensive Stream participants remain in the program but are not required to participate until their new child turns 6 months old.

During the first 7 months of pregnancy, a pregnant ParentsNext participant must continue to meet their participation requirements. However, ParentsNext providers must take into consideration that the participant is pregnant, in addition to the participant's preferences and goals and their personal and family circumstances, when determining the most appropriate activities for their participation plan.

If at any time during the first 7 months of pregnancy a ParentsNext participant is unable to meet their participation requirements because of pregnancy-related medical problems, they may apply for an exemption from Services Australia or their ParentsNext provider. More information about exemptions for ParentsNext participants is at

Last reviewed: 21 September 2020