Payability of EMEP

EMEP test day

The EMEP test day is either:

  • the day in the income year on which the claimant makes the claim for the payment, OR
  • an anniversary (in the income year) on which the claimant made the claim for the payment if:
    • the claimant made the claim in a previous income year, AND
    • since the claimant made the claim, the Secretary has not determined that the claimant has ceased to be qualified for the payment.

Annual payability

No essential medical equipment payment may be made for an income year in relation to medical equipment that is used in an EMEP residence if an essential medical equipment payment has already been made for that income year in relation to the same equipment and the same residence.

Payability per equipment item

No more than 2 essential medical equipment payments may be made in relation to the same medical equipment for an income year.

Payability per residence

Essential medical equipment payments for an income year may not be made in relation to a person with medical needs, in relation to more than 2 EMEP residences.

Act reference: SSAct section 917B(3) Meaning of EMEP test day, section 917F Availability of payments

Last reviewed: 1 July 2016