3.15.6 2019 one-off energy assistance payment (EAP) - qualification & payability


The 2019 one-off EAP is intended to assist income support recipients with the costs of energy bills.


A person is qualified for a 2019 one-off EAP if:

A person whose qualifying payment is not payable on 2 April 2019 does not qualify for a 2019 one-off EAP, for example, the person is serving a waiting period or the qualifying payment is suspended. However, if the person's qualifying payment subsequently becomes payable in respect of 2 April 2019, for example, the waiting period is waived or the payment is restored, the person qualifies for a 2019 one-off EAP.

A person who made a claim for a qualifying payment on or before 2 April 2019 and subsequently has that claim granted and backdated to on or before that date, with the result that the payment is payable on that date, qualifies for a 2019 one-off EAP.

Other qualifying payments

A person may also qualify for a 2019 one-off EAP if they are receiving a farm household allowance, ABSTUDY Living Allowance or an eligible veterans' payment.

Entitled to only one payment

A person can receive only one payment of a 2019 one-off EAP. A person who is paid a 2019 one-off EAP and is subsequently granted another qualifying payment backdated to or before 2 April 2019 is not entitled to an additional 2019 one-off EAP.


The amount of a person's 2019 one-off EAP is worked out using the following table, having regard to the person's circumstances on 2 April 2019.

Person's situation on 2 April 2019 Amount of 2019 one-off EAP
Not a member of a couple $75.00
Partnered $62.50
Member of an illness separated couple $75.00
Member of a respite care couple $75.00
Partnered (partner in gaol) $75.00

A claim is not required for a 2019 one-off EAP.

Most recipients of the 2019 one-off EAP will receive their payment in late June 2019.

The 2019 one-off EAP is non-taxable and does not count as income under social security law, ABSTUDY Policy Manual, the VEA or the Farm Household Support Act 2014.

Act reference: SSAct section 302 One-off energy assistance payment, section 303 Amount of one-off energy assistance payment

Last reviewed: 6 May 2019