Mutual obligation requirements for YA early school leavers - inability to secure an appropriate place

Early school leaver Job Plan

An early school leaver's (1.1.E.05) Job Plan must include either an approved education or training component, or other approved activities and job search.

Early school leavers who are not undertaking education or training, either through choice or circumstance, must have 25 hours a week of other approved activities in their Job Plan (or 15 hours per week for those with part-time mutual obligation requirements), in addition to up to 20 job searches each month.

An early school leaver who is also a principal carer parent and is meeting their mutual obligation requirements through 30 hours a fortnight of any combination of approved study or paid employment cannot be required to undertake additional education and training or job search in their Job Plan.

Act reference: SSAct section 544DA(5)(b)(i) there is no place available on the course for the person, section 544DA(5)(b)(ii) the person is not qualified to undertake the course, section 544DA(5)(a) there is no locally accessible approved course …, section 544DA YA Employment Pathway Plans-early school leavers

Policy reference: SS Guide 1.1.M.160 Mutual obligation requirements, 3.2.9 Mutual Obligation Requirements for NSA/YA Job Seekers - Suitable Activities, Inability to secure an appropriate place exemption for under 18s, 3.2.4 YA exemption from full-time education/training for under 18s

Last reviewed: 1 July 2019