Major personal crisis exemption for under 18s

Circumstances of exemption

This exemption may be given in a range of circumstances which constitute a major personal crisis, and which prevent a young person from participating in full-time education or training for a period not authorised by the educational institution.

Examples: The following list contains examples of circumstances in which this exemption may be granted:

  • death of an immediate family member,
  • breakup of marriage or de facto relationship (whether of the same sex or of a different sex),
  • domestic violence,
  • physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse, and
  • family dislocation.

Duration of exemption

The young person can be given an exemption for up to 2 weeks, although this can be extended if a special circumstances activity test exemption is applied.

Activity test (1.1.M.160) requirements

A special circumstances activity test exemption may also apply.

If an activity test exemption is not granted early school leavers (1.1.E.05) who are unable to study or undertake training full-time are still expected to undertake education or training or other activities appropriate to their capacity. Activities may include participation in part-time education or training or other approved activities, such as counselling or mediation.

Act reference: SSAct section 542 Situations in which a person is not required to satisfy the activity test, section 542H Special circumstances exemption, section 543A(2A)(h) …has suffered a personal crisis…, section 543A(2B) If the following circumstances exist in…, section 544DA Youth Allowance Employment Pathway Plans-early school leavers

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.11.5 Exemptions - overview, 3.11 Mutual obligation requirements, Determining a de facto relationship

Last reviewed: 15 August 2016