Suitable Activity - Approved Non-government Programmes


A non-government programme is a new term for a work-focussed programme delivered by community or private enterprise organisations.

Participation in particular non-government programmes can be used to contribute towards meeting the mutual obligation requirements of job seekers in receipt of NSA, YA (other) and SpB (NVH) at the discretion of their employment services provider. Job seekers will at minimum still be required simultaneously to attend provider appointments and to look for up to 20 jobs per month as per their Job Plan while participating in a non-government programme.

For jobactive job seekers

Participation in a non-government programme may count towards meeting a job seeker's annual activity requirement when in the WFD phase as long as the particular programme has been approved for that purpose previously by the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business.

Hours of participation

The hours and duration for participation in these types of activities will vary depending on the job seeker's mutual obligation requirements (including their annual activity requirement, where relevant) and the particulars of the programme.

Policy reference: SS Guide 1.1.M.160 Mutual obligation requirements, Activities to Meet an Annual Activity Test

Last reviewed: 21 March 2016