Continuation, variation or termination of PP


The following table lists the circumstances in which payment of PP may change.

Payment of PP is … if …
continued a recipient continues to meet all qualification and payability provisions.

Examples: Provisions that are:

  • child-related, or
  • residence related, or
  • income and assets test related, or
  • related to the notification provisions.
  • there is a change in the recipient's or their partner's circumstances, but the recipient continues to meet all qualification and payability requirements.


  • the recipient or their partner's income or assets change
  • the recipient's partner dies, or
  • the recipient registers their relationship, or
  • the recipient's marital status changes.
  • there is a change in the recipient's circumstances that means that they no longer meet the qualification or payability provisions.


  • another pension or benefit becomes payable to the recipient
  • the rate becomes nil due to the recipient's income or assets
  • the recipient or only qualifying child dies
  • the recipient
    • goes overseas and fails to meet portability provisions
    • fails to comply with a notice under SS(Admin)Act section 68, section 192 or section 193
    • or their partner, fails to take action to obtain a CFP (1.1.C.230), or
    • has been requested to bring in a document relevant to their payment and they fail to do so.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 68 Person receiving social security payment or holding concession card, section 192 General power to obtain information, section 193 Power to obtain information from a person …

Death of child

If the last qualifying child for PP dies, the recipient may qualify for bereavement assistance in the form of an extension of qualification for the bereavement period. This is explained in another section dealing with bereavement payment provisions.

Act reference: SSAct section 512 Death of PP child-continuation of qualification for 14 weeks

Policy reference: SS Guide Bereavement payment provisions for PP recipients

Death of recipient

The estate of a deceased single PP recipient IS entitled to one further instalment after the death of the recipient. The payment is payable to the person the Secretary thinks appropriate.

Act reference: SSAct section 513 Death of recipient-recipient not member of a couple, section 513A Death of recipient-recipient member of a couple

Policy reference: SS Guide Bereavement payment provisions for PP recipients

Death of partner

If the recipient is a member of a couple and their partner dies, the recipient MAY qualify for bereavement assistance if the partner was:

  • receiving a social security pension, or
  • receiving a DVA service pension, or
  • a long term social security recipient.

The death of a partner may also necessitate a change in the recipient's PP rate, based on their income and assets as a single person.

Act reference: SSAct section 514 Surviving partner and deceased partner, section 23(1)-'long-term social security recipient'

Advance payments for hardship

If a PPP recipient separates from their partner, or their partner dies, they may require additional assistance because of financial hardship. A person in this situation, who has been receiving an income support payment for 3 months, can apply for an advance payment of up to $500.

Policy reference: SS Guide 5.4 Advance payments

Last reviewed: 20 March 2020