Supplementary & Employment Assistance for SA Recipients

Supplementary assistance

There are 2 types of supplementary assistance that recipients of SA MAY receive. Payments that are included as part of the SA rate and payments that are in addition to the SA rate.

Recipients of SA MAY receive one or more of the following as part of their SA rate:

They may also be entitled to the following while in receipt of SA:

Bereavement payment provisions

The surviving member of a couple (1.1.M.120) may be eligible for bereavement payments following the death of a partner (1.1.P.85).

Rehabilitation programs

Recipients receiving SA may benefit from the additional assistance provided by a rehabilitation program.

Employment assistance

An SA recipient on graduated return to work who loses payment because of income (made up entirely or partly of employment income) may receive the following employment assistance:

  • access to working credits,
  • payment of certain supplementary benefits during the employment income nil rate period,
  • continued use of their HCC or PCC for a certain period,
  • able to have their payment resumed during the employment income nil rate period if they report a fall in income sufficient for SA to be payable again.

Act reference: SSAct section 23(4A) Despite subsection (4)…, section 23(4AA) For the purposes of subsection (4A)…, section 1061ZEA Further extended qualification rule: loss of payment because of employment income, section 1061ZMA Further extended qualification rule: loss of payment because of employment income, section 1073J Working credit balance prevents loss of qualification in certain cases

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.1.11 Working Credit, 3.1.12 Employment Income Nil Rate Period, Qualification for HCC - Automatic Issue, PCC due to Employment

Medicare levy exemption

This exemption is covered by the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936. A recipient who is paid SA MAY qualify for a Medicare levy exemption.

Act reference: SSAct Part 3.6 Benefit Rate Calculator B

Policy reference: SS Guide Participation of SA Recipients in Rehabilitation Programs

Last reviewed: 3 January 2017