Assessment of continuing basis for standard rate MOB

Work (paid & voluntary) & vocational training to be on a continuing basis

Whatever paid work, voluntary work or vocational training the recipient is engaged in must be on a continuing basis. For the purposes of MOB, continuing paid work, voluntary work or vocational training is generally considered to be a period of 3 months or longer. If the recipient has been working/doing voluntary work/training continuously preceding the claim, the 3 month period may include the period immediately before the claim was lodged.

Example: A recipient has 2 months work or training remaining when they lodge their claim. They have been working or training continuously for the preceding 1 month or more however, so they still meet this criteria.

Exception 1: Participation in independent living/life skills training meets the criteria of being on a continuing basis regardless of the likely duration.

Exception 2: Participation in the following activities is not subject to the continuing basis rule:

  • receipt of JSP, YA or Austudy
  • job search activities approved under an EPP with a DESE funded service provider
  • participation in DES - DMS.

Act reference: SSAct section 1035(1)(d) A person is qualified for a MOB …

Policy reference: SS Guide Assessment of vocational training for standard rate MOB, Assessment of voluntary work for standard rate MOB, Assessment of 32 hours every 4 weeks rule for standard rate MOB

Last reviewed: 20 March 2020