Determining the rate of AGDRP

What is the payment amount?

AGDRP is a one-off payment.

The rate of AGDRP is $1,000 per qualified adult and $400 per child for whom the qualified adult is the principal carer (1.1.P.412). The rate of payment for AGDRP is set by a determination by the Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management. See for explanation.

Act reference: SSAct section 1061K Qualification for AGDRP, section 1061P Determinations of rates

SS(Admin)Act section 46A Payment of AGDRP


AGDRP is NOT taxable.

How is AGDRP paid?

AGDRP is usually paid as a one-off lump sum payment. However, there is a provision that, if it is appropriate to do so, the person's payment can be paid in instalments. A person who is currently receiving a pension or benefit and meets the criteria for AGDRP can receive AGDRP in addition to their regular payment, without their eligibility for their regular payment being affected.

Direct credit is the preferred method of payment, although there may be situations where this is not practical.

Explanation: The circumstances of an event will determine whether claimants are likely to be paid AGDRP via EBT.

Example: A bushfire victim may have lost all of their possessions and may not be able to provide their banking details to enable payment via direct credit.

Policy reference: SS Guide 8.4.2 Immediate Payments

Last reviewed: 8 February 2021