Austudy - Current Rates

Current rates

This table shows the current maximum rates for Austudy in dollars per fortnight.

Recipient Status Are there dependent children (1.1.D.70)? Rate
Single - no
- yes
Partnered - no
- yes
Special rate for long-term unemployed commencing full-time study (1.1.L.100)
Single no $553.10
Partnered with or without dependent children $499.90

Energy supplement

Austudy recipients may be eligible for the ES - a tax exempt supplementary payment for qualified recipients of income support payments.

Indexation (1.1.I.100)

These rates are indexed to changes in the CPI. The effective date of indexation is 1 January each year.

Timing of payments

Payments are made fortnightly in arrears.

Act reference: SSAct section 581 How to work out a person's austudy payment rate, section 1190 Indexed and adjusted amounts, section 1191 CPI Indexation Table, section 1192 Indexation of amounts, section 1193 Indexation factor, section 1194 Rounding off indexed amounts

Policy reference: SS Guide Austudy Payment (Austudy) - Description, 3.3.3 Austudy - Qualification & Payability

Last reviewed: 2 January 2019