BVA - Current Rates

Current rates

The current maximum rate for BVA ( is the common single pension rate.

Timing of payments

Payments are made fortnightly in arrears.

Act reference: SSAct section 329 How to work out a person's BVA rate

Policy reference: SS Guide Common pension rates

Indexation (1.1.I.100)

The MBR for BVA is indexed by CPI on 20 March and 20 September of each year.

Further information on indexation can be found at

Act reference: SSAct Part 3.16 Indexation and adjustment of amounts, section 1189 Analysis of Part, section 1190 Indexed and adjusted amounts, section 1191 CPI Indexation Table, section 1192 Indexation of amounts, section 1193 Indexation factor, section 1194 Rounding off indexed amounts, section 1195 Certain indexed amounts to be increased in line with increases in MTAWE

Last reviewed: 16 May 2016