CrP - current rates

Current rates

CrP is paid at a flat rate equal to one week of a pension or benefit that a person would be qualified for. The amount of CrP is calculated using the MBR of pension or benefit without add-ons.

If unable to establish the MBR of YA in a timely manner when a person has been released from gaol or psychiatric confinement, follow procedures in Payment after release.

Indexation (1.1.I.100)

The amount of CrP is based on the rate of pension or benefit for which the person is qualified, which is subject to indexation.

Timing of payments

Payment is made as a lump sum. It is not period-based. The intention of CrP is to provide immediate assistance, however each person's circumstances will determine the actual timing and method of payment.

Last reviewed: 21 September 2020