5.4 Advance payments


The primary objective of advance payments is to make payments more flexible to the needs of recipients. An advance is NOT an additional payment. It is a lump sum payment of a social security entitlement. The following table shows the payments for which advance payment is available.

Pensions Benefits/allowances
Age pension Jobseeker payment
Disability support pension Youth allowance
Carer payment Austudy payment
Parenting payment (single) Family tax benefit
  Parenting payment (partnered)

The following allowances are also available as advance payments:

  • PhA (for eligible pensioners), AND
  • mobility allowance.

This chapter contains general information on advance payments and some information on payment specific advance payments. Each section contains links to Part 3 Qualifications & payability.

Note: Advances to FTB are covered by the FAAct.

Act reference: SSAct section 23(1)-'social security entitlement', Part 2.22 Advance payments of social security entitlements, Part 2.23 Advance PhA, section 1045 Qualification for mobility advance

Policy reference: FA Guide 3.1.11 Advance payment of FTB Part A

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Last reviewed: 10 May 2021