5.4 Advance Payments


The primary objective of advance payments is to make payments more flexible to the needs of recipients. An advance is NOT an additional payment. It is a lump sum payment of a social security entitlement. The following table shows the payments for which advance payment is available.

Pensions Benefits/Allowances
Age pension Newstart allowance
Disability support pension Youth allowance
Wife pension Austudy payment
Carer payment Widow allowance
Parenting payment (single) Family tax benefit
Widow B pension Parenting payment (partnered)

The following allowances are also available as advance payments:

  • pharmaceutical allowance (for eligible pensioners), AND
  • mobility allowance.

This chapter contains general information on advance payments and some information on payment specific advance payments. Each section contains links to Part 3 Qualifications & Payability.

Note: Advances to FTB are covered by the FAAct.

Act reference: SSAct section 23(1)-'social security entitlement', Part 2.22 Advance payments of social security entitlements, Part 2.23 Advance pharmaceutical allowance, section 1045 Qualification for mobility advance

Policy reference: FA Guide 3.1.11 Advance payment of FTB Part A

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