Reviews - Maintenance


A recipient is required to notify if they start receiving maintenance or the rate of maintenance they receive changes. This will trigger a review.


When a recipient is receiving maintenance, a delegate MUST determine:

  • the current rate paid for the recipient and each dependent child (1.1.D.70),
  • the relationship between the recipient and person paying maintenance,
  • whether the payments are voluntary or ordered by the court, and
  • whether the recipient is receiving the benefit of any other payments made on their behalf.

Policy reference: SS Guide General Provisions for Income & Assets Reviews

Review action for maintenance variation or cessation

The following table shows the review action required when a recipient advises of a maintenance variation or cessation.

If a recipient advises… Then a delegate MUST…
a variation in maintenance, and it is necessary to verify the payment,

consult either the:

  • court records, OR
  • person paying the maintenance.

maintenance payments:

  • are reduced, OR
  • ceased,
  • advise the recipient they MUST notify Centrelink if payments later resume or increase, AND
  • note any enforcement action taken or available to the recipient.

Policy reference: SS Guide Income from Maintenance, Property Settlements & Life Interests

Last reviewed: 7 November 2016