PA reviews


PA recipients are not reviewed separately. Their income and assets (1.1.A.290) are reviewed as part of any review of the primary allowee or pensioner. This topic explains PA reviews in this context and covers the following:

  • 6 monthly or fortnightly lodgement
  • profiling reviews, and
  • debt recovery requests.

Act reference: SSAct section 8(1)-'income'

Policy reference: SS Guide Notification & recipient obligations for PA

6 monthly or fortnightly lodgement

The default lodgement cycle for PA is 6 monthly. A PA recipient ONLY lodges fortnightly if they or their partner (1.1.P.85) has variable income from employment between fortnights. NON-variable income can be coded as continuing income so that the PA recipient remains on 6-monthly lodgement. A PA recipient is NOT precluded from 6-monthly lodgement because they or their partner have an overpayment.

Act reference: SSAct section 10A(2)-'employment'

Profiling reviews

PA recipients are also subject to profiling reviews.

Policy reference: SS Guide 6.5 Profiling reviews

Debt recovery

If a couple wants one partner's overpayment to be withheld from both of their allowances, the provisions for third party withholdings is outlined in

Last reviewed: 12 August 2019