RA Overpayments


This topic contains information on RA overpayments.

RA overpayments

A RA overpayment can occur if a recipient fails to notify of a change in circumstances.

Example: These can include:

  • change of residential circumstances including,
    • change of address,
    • rent amount variation,
    • move to government housing,
    • start/stop sharing their accommodation with others, OR
  • change of relationship status.

In these cases, the recipient may continue to receive RA at a higher rate than they are entitled to, in which case a RA overpayment can be raised.

Act reference: SSAct section 1223 Debts arising from lack of qualification, overpayment etc.

Policy reference: SS Guide Notification, Verification & Recipient Obligations for RA

Last reviewed: 21 March 2016