Employment entry payment (EEP), EdEP & TAL overpayments


This topic contains information on employment entry payment (EEP), EdEP and TAL overpayments.

EEP overpayments

When a recipient returns to work for only a few days and is then dismissed or resigns, EEP is not recovered. Overpayments ARE recovered if a recipient has misrepresented their circumstances.

Note: Eligibility for the EEP ceased 1 July 2008 as part of the 2008-09 Federal Budget.

EdEP overpayments

An EdEP is a recoverable Commonwealth debt (1.1.D.40) when:

  • students are paid EdEP automatically on cancellation, to which they are not entitled because the course they have commenced is not approved (1.1.A.210), OR
  • a recipient
    • receives an EdEP in advance, AND
    • does NOT pay the designated enrolment fee for the course.

If no fee applies to the course being undertaken, then the designated fee is considered as being paid and there is NO recoverable debt if an EdEP has been issued.

An EdEP made to a recipient who misrepresents his or her circumstances is an overpayment and recovery action MUST be taken.

Act reference: SSAct section 1224B Education entry payment debt

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.8.6 EdEP - Qualification & Payability

TAL overpayments

TAL overpayments resulting from a recipient not notifying Centrelink that they are no longer a telephone subscriber are normally waived because the amount is generally below the overpayment recovery limit.

If a recipient fails to advise other changes in circumstances that result in an overpayment, TAL is added to the overpayment when the change in circumstances results in loss of pension eligibility.

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.8.7 TAL - qualification & payability

Last reviewed: 1 July 2019