6.5 Profiling reviews


This topic explains profiling and identifies the payments for which profiling has been developed.

Profiling reviews

Profiling is a method of checking a recipient's record for the predictors or characteristics which are relevant to the service being provided and identifies if the recipient is at risk of not meeting their obligations and how high that level of risk is.

Profiling provides a better targeting of resources by ensuring recipients who need more assistance receive it.

Profiling has been developed for:

  • age pension
  • jobseeker payment
  • widow allowance
  • PP (single and partnered)
  • YA (student and other)
  • disability support pension
  • carer payment
  • partner allowance
  • austudy payment
  • sickness allowance
  • Commonwealth seniors health card
  • rent assistance
  • mobility allowance
  • family tax benefit, and
  • trust and company.
Last reviewed: 20 March 2020