Applying CFP Provisions


Some people receive a lump sum foreign payment for a past period. Usually, this occurs when a recipient lodges a claim for an overseas pension and the overseas authority decides to grant a payment, which is backdated to the day of claim. The lump sum may be paid either to the person or the person's partner, if the person is a member of a couple. This lump sum amount may affect the rate of the recipient's Australian pension. Where this occurs the lump sum should be treated as periodical payments for the past period and an overpayment raised if required.

Act reference: SSAct Part 4.2 Overseas portability, section 1228A Comparable foreign payment debt recovery

SS(Admin)Act section 40 Rejection of claim for failure to obtain foreign payment, section 66 Notice to obtain foreign payment, section 82 Cancellation or suspension for failure to take action to obtain foreign payment

Policy reference: SS Guide 6.3.1 Non-payment-specific overpayments

Last reviewed: 6 February 2017