Excluded goods & services - Cashless Debit Card Program


The restricted portion of a participant's payment cannot be spent on alcoholic beverages or gambling.

Participants will not be allowed to purchase cash-like products, including products which would allow the purchase of alcohol or gambling products with the Cashless Debit Card, such as 'open loop' gift cards, or a prepaid Visa card.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 124PM(a) Recipient's use of funds from restrictable payments

Alcoholic beverage

Alcoholic beverage means a beverage that contains more than 1.15% by volume of ethyl alcohol.

The volume of ethyl alcohol in a beverage is to be measured at 20°C and is to be calculated on the basis that the specific gravity of ethyl alcohol is 0.79067 (at 20°C in a vacuum).


Gambling means a service provided to a person in the capacity of a customer of a gambling service (within the meaning of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001).


Goods has the same meaning as in the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.


Service has the same meaning as in the Competition and Consumer Act.

Cash-like products

Cash-like products includes gift cards, money orders and digital currency as clarified in section 124PQA of the SS(Admin)Act.

Last reviewed: 17 March 2021