Lump sum of a restrictable payment


If a restrictable payment ( is paid as a lump sum (i.e. not in instalments), then 100% of the gross amount of the payment is restricted and there will be no unrestricted portion (

Example: Sue lives in Ceduna and receives JSP, which is a trigger payment (, so she automatically becomes a participant in the Cashless Debit Card Program. Sue also receives FTB which is a restrictable payment. Therefore 80% of Sue's JSP and FTB will be subject to restriction.

If Sue chooses to receive her FTB as a lump sum, 100% of her FTB payment will be restricted.

CrP is not defined as a restrictable payment, while unforeseen payments and hardship advance payments may be paid by the Secretary as part of the unrestricted portion under subsection 124PJ(4) of the SS(Admin)Act.

Urgent payments are considered instalment payments and are split into restricted and unrestricted portions.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 124PJ Restrictable payment to be split into restricted and unrestricted portions

Last reviewed: 17 March 2021