Lump Sum of a Restrictable Payment


If a restrictable payment ( is paid as a lump sum (i.e. not in instalments), then 100% of the gross amount of the payment is restricted and there will be no unrestricted portion (

Example: Sue lives in Ceduna and receives NSA, which is a trigger payment (, so she automatically becomes a participant in the Cashless Debit Card Trial. Sue also receives FTB which is a restrictable payment. Therefore 80% of Sue's NSA and FTB will be subject to restriction.

If Sue chooses to receive her FTB as a lump sum, 100% of her FTB payment will be restricted.

CrP is not defined as a restrictable payment, while urgent payments and hardship advance payments may be paid as part of the unrestricted portion under section 124PJ of the SS(Admin)Act.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 124PJ Restrictable payment to be split into restricted and unrestricted portions

Last reviewed: 4 February 2019