Transitional permanent visas


People holding a transitional permanent visa are permanent residents of Australia and may be eligible for social security payments and concession cards, subject to meeting normal qualification and payability conditions.

Transitional permanent visas are not 'granted' in the same way as other visas. Instead, all transitional permanent visas came into effect on 1 September 1994 by operation of law under the Migration Reform (Transitional Provisions) Regulations. These transitional regulations provided for persons of various circumstances to be taken to hold a transitional permanent visa on 1 September 1994.

From a Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) print out, transitional permanent visa holders will be seen to hold a system code with a 'BF' followed by 3 numbers. All BF visas (including the '111') are a system code and not a visa subclass.

There are 2 groups of transitional permanent visa holders. One group are those persons who hold a '111' (BF-111). This group of clients hold a visa that has a travel facility. The other group that hold a transitional permanent visa will not have evidence of a '111' but rather a 'BF' followed by 3 numbers (e.g. BF 154 or BF 000).

Last reviewed: 11 November 2019