AoS scheme from 1 July 2004


From 1 July 2004, the AoS scheme has been administered by DSS through Centrelink.

The Department of Home Affairs continues to decide whether a potential migrant requires an AoS.

The assessment of potential assurers is now conducted by Centrelink. Centrelink approves the AoS, and notifies the Department of Home Affairs whether approval has been given.

In mandatory AoS cases where a security is required, the assurer has to deposit the required security in a fixed deposit with the CBA and produce the relevant fixed deposit certificate as evidence to Centrelink before the AoS can be approved.

Centrelink continues to administer the debt recovery and waiver processes, and the assurer's rights of review, under the SSAct.

Act reference: SSAct Chapter 2C Assurances of support, section 1227 Assurance of support debt

Policy reference: SS Guide 1.1.A.310 Assuree, assurer, assurance of support, assurance of support security, Assurance of Support Debts, Waiver of Debt, Waiver for Administrative Error Debt, Waiver of Debt on the Basis of Special Circumstances, Waiver of a debt relating to an offence, Waiver of a Small Debt, Waiver of Debt in Relation to Settlements, Waiver of debt on the basis of notional entitlement, Waiver of debts of a particular class

Last reviewed: 12 August 2019