AoS Scheme from 1 April 2018


The Social Security (Assurances of Support) Amendment Determination 2018 removes changes made in the Social Security (Assurances of Support) Determination 2018. As a result the AoS scheme reverts back to the pre-1 April arrangements, except for the requirement of a 12-month AoS for entrants under the Community Support Programme.

Community Support Programme

The Community Support Programme (CSP) was introduced on 1 July 2017. The CSP allows humanitarian entrants (i.e. applicants for a subclass 202 Global Special Humanitarian visa) to be sponsored by individuals, community organisations and business groups through Approved Proposing Organisations. Sponsors are responsible for providing adequate support to CSP entrants for the first 12 months in Australia.

From 1 April 2018, CSP entrants are subject to a discretionary AoS with an assurance period of 12 months. The AoS does not prevent a CSP entrant from accessing income support payments and family assistance payments on arrival as humanitarian entrants are exempt from all waiting periods for social security payments. The AoS provides the mechanism to require the assurer to repay any recoverable social security payments made to the CSP entrant during the assurance period.

Act reference: SSAct Chapter 2C Assurances of support

Social Security (Assurances of Support) Determination 2018

Policy reference: SS Guide 1.1.A.310 Assuree, assurer, assurance of support, assurance of support security, 9.4.2 Providing an AoS, 9.4.3 AoS - Requirements of an Assurer, AoS - lodgement of security

Last reviewed: 1 June 2018