9.4.5 Notification of Results of an AoS Application


Centrelink MUST inform the potential assurer and the Department of Home Affairs about the result of the AoS application; i.e. whether this application has been accepted or rejected by Centrelink.

The potential assurer may appeal the Centrelink decision. The appeals process will follow normal Centrelink appeals procedures. However, the potential assurer is to be advised that a rejection of the AoS application may result in the rejection of the assuree's visa application. Any appeal on the part of the potential assurer should, therefore, be lodged WITHIN 14 DAYS of the decision to reject the AoS application. Centrelink will notify the Department of Home Affairs about the rejection 14 days after the date on the letter advising the potential assurer of their rejection, to allow the Department of Home Affairs to finalise the visa application.

Act reference: SSAct section 1061ZZGD Accepting or rejecting an assurance of support, section 1061ZZGE Notices relating to an assurance of support

Last reviewed: 3 April 2018