What's New

12 August 2019 (v1.257)

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1.1.C.70 Category 1 student (SFSS) Clarified policy.
1.1.C.80 Category 2 student (SFSS) Clarified policy.
1.1.E.50 Eligibility period (SFSS) Clarified policy.
1.1.E.60 Eligible descendant (RAFS & RASF) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.E.70 Eligible former partner (RAFS) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.E.72 Eligible former partner of a qualifying sugarcane farmer (RASF) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.E.75 Eligible interest (RASF) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.F.100 Farm (RAFS & RASF) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.F.110 Farm enterprise (RAFS & RASF) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.F.120 Farmers' income test (RAFS) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.F.140 Financial supplement (SFSS) Clarified policy.
1.1.I.150 Inhabitant of Australia (DOP) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.N.12 National Training Wage schedule rate (YA, DSP) Added National Training Wage schedule rate from 1 July 2019.
1.1.P.410 Principal (SFSS) Clarified policy.
1.1.P.450 Proprietary company (RAFS) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.Q.20 Qualifying farmer (RAFS) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.Q.30 Qualifying interest (RAFS) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.Q.50 Qualifying sugarcane farmer (RASF) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.R.20 Real rate of interest (SFSS) Clarified policy.
1.1.R.120 Relevant farm asset (RAFS) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.R.140 Relevant State land law (RAFS & RASF) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.R.142 Relevant sugarcane farm asset (RASF) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.S.405 Sugarcane farm (RASF) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.S.406 Sugarcane farm enterprise (RASF) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.T.120 Trade back amount (SFSS) Clarified policy.
1.1.T.130 Trade in amount (SFSS) Clarified policy. Pension loans scheme (PLS) - description Updated policy. Retirement Assistance for Farmers Scheme (RAFS) - Description (deleted) Removed information. Retirement Assistance for Sugarcane Farmers Scheme (RASF) - Description (deleted) Removed information. Seniors Concession Allowance (SCA) - Description (deleted) Removed information.
1.2.10 Pension supplement - description Clarified policy. Seniors Supplement - Description (deleted) Removed information. General procedures for confirming & verifying identity Clarified policy.
2.2.9 Retirement & widows verification Removed reference to retirement assistance for farmers scheme (RAFS). Verification for DOP Removed reference to family allowance. Residence requirements Clarified policy. Qualification for PLS Clarified policy. Security for PLS Clarified policy. Amount of PBS bonus Removed reference to RAFS.
3.4.8 RAFS - Qualification & Payability (deleted) Removed section.
3.4.10 RASF - Qualification & Payability (deleted) Removed section. Qualification for RA Clarified policy.
3.8.12 Qualification & Payability (deleted) Removed information.
3.12 Pension supplement - qualification & payability Removed reference to seniors supplement.
3.12.2 Seniors Supplement - Qualification & Payability (deleted) Removed information. Effect of periodic compensation on the partner of a compensation recipient Clarified policy. SCA historical rates - 01/12/2004 to 20/09/2009 Removed Act reference. Seniors supplement - historical rates Clarified policy.
6.2.3 Retirement & widows reviews Removed references to RAFS. PP & DOP overpayments Clarified policy. General rules of portability Removed Act reference.
7.1.3 Portability under agreements with New Zealand Updated policy. Portability & rate under the 2002 Agreement with New Zealand Updated policy. Medical assessment for DSP Clarified policy. Claim lodgement - payment specific provisions Removed reference to retirement RAFS. Backdated start days - general provisions Removed reference to RAFS. Automatic cancellations & variations Clarified policy. Human Trafficking Visa Framework Clarified policy. AoS scheme from 1 January 2008 Clarified policy.