1.1.R.40 Representative


For the purposes of the National Redress Scheme, the Minister for Families and Social Services may declare that an institution has a representative. Generally, a representative will be able to undertake any action that the institution would otherwise do, and all notices must be provided to an institution's representative.

Under the Scheme, participating groups, participating defunct institutions and unincorporated lone institutions are required to appoint a representative. An incorporated lone institution may appoint a representative.

Representatives can represent multiple participating groups and/or institutions, but an institution or group cannot have multiple representatives.

Act reference: NRSAct Part 5.2 Division 3 Representatives for participating groups, section 118 Representatives for participating defunct institutions, section 125 Representatives for participating lone institutions, section 136 Representatives for participating groups

Policy reference: Redress Guide 7.1 Participating institutions

Last reviewed: 1 July 2019