1.1.E.110 Expected PPL period


The term 'expected PPL period' deals with the situation where a person makes a pre-birth claim (97 days before the expected DOB of the child or expected day of placement in adoption situations). In this circumstance, the expected PPL period is the period that the Secretary expects will be the person's PPL period once the child's birth or adoption is verified.

In order to know whether to apply the eligibility requirements for the PPL period or the flexible PPL period for a particular claimed day, the Secretary needs to know whether the day that is claimed is in the person's PPL period, flexible PPL period or neither of those periods. But if a person makes a claim before a child is born, that PPL period (and flexible PPL period) cannot be calculated, since the PPL period start day depends on the child's actual date of birth and when that birth is verified.

Act reference: PPLAct section 11(4) The maximum PPL period start day for a child …, section 6 The Dictionary

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