Primary carer for PLP - partner of birth mother or partner of initial primary carer adoptive parent, or the child's other legal parent or their partner

Non-birth mother parent or partner of a parent is the primary carer

In usual circumstances, it would be expected that the other parent or their partner who has taken on primary care of the child may be eligible as a secondary claimant (2.2.11) as the result of a transfer of the balance of the birth mother's or other primary claimant's 18 weeks of PLP.

The PPL Rules prescribe the exceptional circumstances (1.1.E.100) where the other parent of a child (who is not the birth mother or original adoptive primary carer parent), or the current partner of that parent, may be a primary carer (1.1.P.230) and primary claimant for PLP in respect of the child in their own right (

Act reference: PPLAct section 47 When a person is the primary carer of a child

PPL Rules Part 2-3 Eligibility for PLP, Part 2-4 Claims for PLP

Policy reference: PPL Guide 2.2.1 PLP eligibility overview, 2.2.10 Who is a primary claimant for PLP?, 2.2.11 Who is a secondary claimant for PLP?, 2.2.12 Who is a tertiary claimant for PLP?

Last reviewed: 8 May 2017