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Work test requirements

If the child was born prematurely (1.1.B.30) thus preventing the DAPP claimant from working, the DAPP claimant may still meet the work test requirements if Centrelink is satisfied that they would have met the work test but for the premature birth which prevented them from performing paid work.

For children born or entrusted to care as part of an adoption process before 1 March 2014, a previous period of PLP and/or DAPP (for a previous child) cannot be counted as qualifying work for a new claim.

If a person was expecting a child on or after 1 March 2014, and the child was born prematurely before 1 March 2014, the claim is then assessed on the pre-1 March 2014 work test rules. That is, they cannot count the days in their previous period of PLP and/or DAPP (for a previous child) as qualifying work for a new claim.

Act reference: PPLAct Part 3A-3 Division 3 Applying the work test to claimants for DAPP, section 34 When a person performs qualifying work, section 35A Hours of qualifying work on a day in a PPL or DAPP period

PPL Rules Part 2 Division 3 Matters relating to the work test

Policy reference: PPL Guide 2.3.1 DAPP eligibility overview, 1.1.Q.20 Qualifying work

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