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2.3.8 DAPP period


A person claiming DAPP will be required to nominate a DAPP period start date. The DAPP period (1.1.D.30) is the time that a person takes off work and receives DAPP.

In order to receive DAPP for the full 2 weeks, a person must satisfy the DAPP eligibility criteria (2.3.1) on each of day of the DAPP period.

The DAPP period must be one continual period of time, and a person can only claim DAPP once for a child.

A claim for DAPP must state a nominated start date (1.1.N.20) which is the first day of the period for which the claimant wants to be paid DAPP. The nominated start date must be on or after the expected DOB of the child (if the claim is made before the child is born) or the child's actual DOB (if the claim is made after the child is born) or adoption the date of placement of an adopted child. For newborn children, the nominated start date must be before the child's first birthday. To be paid the full 2 weeks entitlement, a person must nominate a day 14 days before the child's first birthday.

Once a DAPP payability determination (6.3.2) has been made, DAPP cannot be transferred to another person. A claimant may be able to apply to Centrelink to change their nominated start date before a DAPP payability determination has been made, or if a payability determination has been made, before the date originally nominated as the start date (5.1.4).

If other DAPP claims or PLP claims have been made, this may affect the DAPP period.

Act reference: PPLAct section 115AE The determination must specify the person's DAPP period, section 115CB When a DAPP claimant is eligible for DAPP, section 115DG Nominated start date, section 115DL Claim may be withdrawn or varied, section 115BB(2) When DAPP is payable to DAPP claimant

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