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3.1.1 PLP - current rate


PLP is a taxable payment, based on the rate of the NMW, for a maximum PPL period of 12 weeks and up to 30 flexible PPL days.

During the PPL period (1.1.P.200), PLP is payable for each week day (1.1.W.20) in the instalment period (1.1.I.80) at the daily NMW amount for PLP. Flexible PPL is payable for each day claimed (including weekends) at the daily NMW amount for PPL. The daily NMW amount for PLP is 7.6 times the hourly rate of the NMW.

From 1 July 2022, the current hourly NMW amount is $21.38.

The current daily NMW amount for PLP is $162.49 ($21.38 × 7.6, rounded).

The current weekly rate of PLP, derived from the daily NMW amount, is $812.45 ($162.49 × 5).

Where a person's PPL period includes 1 July (the day on which the new NMW order takes effect for PLP), the daily NMW amount is increased on 1 July if it is a week day or, where it is not a week day, from the next following week day. Where a flexible PPL day (1.1.F.70) falls on 1 July, the daily NMW amount is increased on that day.

Act reference: PPLAct section 65 The amount of an instalment, 11D Flexible PPL day and flexible PPL period

Policy reference: PPL Guide Protection of instalment of PLP

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