Tertiary claims/tertiary claimants for PLP

Tertiary claims

A person who meets the requirements to be a tertiary claimant (1.1.T.60) may make an effective tertiary claim for PLP.

A tertiary claim for PLP may only be made by a person who satisfies the circumstances prescribed by the PPL Rules as being exceptional circumstances in which a tertiary claim can be made.

A tertiary claimant is a person who has taken on the care of a child in exceptional circumstances before the end of the child's maximum PPL period, and both a primary claimant and a secondary claimant have been determined payable in respect of the child.

A tertiary claimant may have previously been the primary claimant for PLP for the child, or the tertiary claimant may be a different person.

Act reference: PPLAct section 53 Types of claims, section 54 Who can make a primary claim, secondary claim or tertiary claim

PPL Rules Subdivision Exceptional circumstances for tertiary claims

Policy reference: PPL Guide 2.2.12 Who is a tertiary claimant for PLP?

Last reviewed: 8 May 2017