7.3.1 Situations where a debt may arise


This section outlines the situations giving rise to debts in relation to instalments of PLP, DAPP, or PPL funding amounts.

The main debts recoverable by the Commonwealth under the PPLAct are:

  • overpayments or mistaken payments of instalments of PLP or DAPP
  • PPL funding amounts for a person, which are not paid by the employer to that person as their PLP, or
  • PLP, DAPP or PPL funding amounts paid to the wrong person.

Other debts may arise such as an interest charge on a debt or through non-compliance with garnishee notices.

Act reference: PPLAct Part 4-3 Division 2 Main debts recoverable under this Act, section 176 Other rules for interest charge, section 179 Exemption from interest charge-Secretary's determination, section 186 Garnishee notices-debt for failure to comply with notice

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Last reviewed: 9 August 2021