Deduction/setting off from entitlement under another Act


A debt due to the Commonwealth under the PPLAct is recoverable by the Commonwealth by deduction or set off in relation to the following payments to which the debtor (or another person) is entitled:

  • family tax benefit
  • family assistance
  • social security payments, and
  • veterans' pensions, allowances and other payments.

Act reference: PPLAct section 182 How to recover debts

FA(Admin)Act section 84 Deductions from debtor's FTB, section 84A Setting off family assistance against debt owed, section 92 Deduction by consent from a person's FTB to meet another person's debt, section 92A Setting off family assistance of person against another person's debt

SSAct section 1231 Deductions from debtor's pension, benefit or allowance, section 1234A Deductions by consent from social security payment of person who is not a debtor

Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986 section 205 Recovery of overpayments

Last reviewed: 9 August 2021