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Restrictable payments are payments that are divided into a restricted portion ( and an unrestricted portion (

The restrictable payments are:

  • a trigger payment (
  • a payment under the scheme known as the ABSTUDY scheme that includes an amount identified as PES
  • a social security bereavement payment (other than social security bereavement payment in relation to an Age under SSAct Part 2.2 Division 9, a mature age allowance under SSAct Part 2.12B or an SpNP under SSAct Part 2.16 Division 10)
  • an advance payment under SSAct Part 2.22
  • an advance PhA under SSAct Part 2.23
  • baby bonus under the FAAct
  • carer allowance
  • carer supplement
  • child disability assistance
  • clean energy advance (CEA) under the SSAct
  • CEA under the FAAct
  • energy supplement
  • double orphan pension
  • FTB advance under the FA(Admin)Act
  • FTB under the FAAct
  • ISB (Note: This payment ceased on 31 December 2016)
  • mobility allowance
  • mobility allowance advance under SSAct section 1045
  • newborn supplement
  • newborn upfront payment
  • pensioner education supplement
  • pharmaceutical allowance
  • quarterly ES under the SSAct
  • remote area allowance
  • stillborn baby payment under the FAAct
  • TAL under SSAct Part 2.25
  • UA under SSAct Part 2.25A.

Restrictable payments for voluntary participants are:

  • a payment listed as a restrictable payment, or
  • an age pension, or
  • a social security bereavement payment in relation to an Age under SSAct Part 2.2 Division 9.

Act reference: SSAct Part 2.2 Division 9 Bereavement payments

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